Frequently Asked Questions



 Q: Will there be food?

A: Yes! Light Refreshments will be served during the dance! (Cookies,Popcorn, Punch & Lemonade)  

Q: What kind of music will be played?

A: Family friendly music will be provided by a professional disc jockey for this community event.  All music is screened and approved to not contain themes of violence, sex or cursing.  No religious songs will be played. 

Q: How old must the daughter be to attend?

A: At least old enough to use the little girls room without assistance in the stall:)

 Teen daughters are encouraged to attend with their dads as well but must not be older than 18.


Q: What do Dads wear to this thing?

A: Its not a "formal" affair, per se but men should "dress up" and the young ladies can be as fancy or as formal as they wish! Many of the dads who have called with the same question indicate that they plan to wear a range of attire as follows:

Formal: Military Dress to  Dressy: Suit or slacks and a shirt & tie to  Casual: Khaki's and a collared shirt/polo!   ***ABSOLUTELY NO JEANS/ NO T-SHIRTS/ NO BALL CAPS/ NO SNEAKERS ALLOWED) It's all about you! So enjoy and be comfortable yet classy and you will have a fabulous time!

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Q: What if I don't want to pay online?

A: to the Forever Fancy Daddy & Daughter Dance are available only online:(

Q: Will we have to pay the photographer for our photo?

A:  There will be a professional photographer taking candid shots throughout the night; Those pictures will be posted on our facebook page after the dance for your viewing, sharing and printing pleasure.

In past years, we have had photos taken and printed on site for an additional fee but this year we will have several "Souvenir Photo Selfie Stations" throughout the venue where pictures may be taken FOR FREE with your personal camera or cell phone for instant sharing!  

Q: Can Mom's attend?

A:  Absolutely not! (LOL) Your support and desired involvement is valued and appreciated but THIS event is strictly for the Daddy's and their girls:) (Sorry Moms!)

Q: Can a young lady attend without her father?   

A: Young Ladies may also be accompanied by Grandfathers, God-Fathers, Favorite Uncles, Big Brothers or any other special MALE role model or Father Figure in their Lives.


Stand in escorts MUST be 18 years of age or older and MUST be able to assume responsibility for the minor child in case of an emergency.



 Q: What happens if I purchase a ticket for the wrong location or the wrong date?  

A: IF there are still tickets available for the date/location that you would like to switch to we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs and take the necessary steps to transfer your registration. There will be a $15 Administrative Fee to process  this change.

Q: What if I purchase a ticket for Daddy +1 Daughter and then later realize that I need to change it to the Daddy +2 Daughters or Daddy+3 Daughters  ticket?

A: IF there are still tickets available for the dance we will do our absolute best to accommodate your needs and take the necessary steps to update your registration to reflect the correct number of daughters. There will be a $15 Administrative Fee to process  this change.

Q: What if I did not get the Platinum VIP Package but I want to purchase a Forever Fancy Dance T-shirt for my daughter?

A: We will accept  payments via Cash and Cash APP while quantities last.

If your question or situation is not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions section or you are interested in sponsorship opportunities-  please contact the Event Organizer Dr. V. Armstrong at